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November 30, 2016
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What Is Social Media Marketing?

It defines a great process where your business increases traffic over social media sites. It is an attractive term for sites, offering diverse social engagements. For example, Facebook today is the No. 1 social media site that allows users to share their picture, messages and comment on your messages with others. Twitter comes second that lets users post and read 140-character short messages known as “tweets”.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

A social media marketing strategy is what you plan to do that achieves your business goals using social networks. This strategy includes a review of where you stand today in your business with the current policies and the objectives you are looking for in the coming months or years. It also includes all other tools you may employ to get your objectives accomplished.

social media marketing
The more precise we get with our strategies, the more operational it will be to its functioning. Never make social media marketing so pompous and comprehensive that it becomes unattainable.

Social Media Services Include:

  • Social Media Policies
  • Social Attendance
  • Real-Time Observation
  • Community Administration
  • Social Contest Expansion & Placement
  • Content writing & Distribution
  • Measurement & Improvement

Social media strategy is originated in measurable points, current observing/reporting and binding the marketing activities straight to business objectives. It ensures that you get the greatest return on the investment.

Important Features of Social Media Marketing

Identify Your Business Objectives

Identify your Business Objectives
Every section of social media marketing plays a great role to serve and achieve your organization goals. It is not as simply to move forward without having the right information on what you are functioning. It is significant to observe carefully at your company’s general requirements and adopt which social media strategy can better contribute to attaining them.

You’ll certainly arise with numerous goals, however, some targets every company should comprise in their strategy includes:

  • Growing the company’s product awareness
  • Retaining new customers
  • Reducing advertising costs, important for everyone!

Identify Ideal Customers

Identify Ideal Customers
If you think that your business is observing a low involvement at social profiles, this is due to not having a precise and perfect consumer profile. The buyer information supports your company in targeting the exact individuals, correct place and time, and with delivering the correct messages.

This is because if you identify your audience’s age, interests, benefits, issues, practices, likes and dislikes, inspirations; it’s much easier to target them on your social media pages, and eventually to your website’s landing page.

Research Competition

Research Competition
In social media marketing, knowing your competitor tasks not only preserves you from doing the undesirable activities, it also offers an impression of what’s functioning that can be incorporated for obtaining successful strategies into your own determinations.

Make sure to pay attention to the category of content you are posting and its perspective, and observe how they respond to their targeted clients. Though your page managements are only who can analyze engagement on a specific update, yet, it is easier to acquire a virtuous way of what they’re looking.

Create A Great Content Strategy

Create a Great Content Strategy
We must realize that without a better content, social media development is worthless and similarly, social media is insignificant with inferior content. It would be better to reach and transform your prospects in a better way. Further, three foremost constituents to any fruitful social media content approach:

  • Nature of content
  • Posting Stage
  • Posting Frequency

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads campaign

If your business knows the right paths to use social media strategy and accurately, then Facebook is among the most influential B2C marketing platforms that can deliver your business in an advanced way. It is not only to raise your brand recognition.  You can also learn to form an influential Facebook marketing planning that would help in boosting your sales.

Hence, a great Social media Marketing plays the best part to advancing your business main roles and can draw more attention of people if done the correct way using outstanding strategies.

Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads Campaign

How many businesses know and have the expertise as to how to use Twitter for marketing purposes?  Like other social media and marketing platforms, Twitter also falls under the same category “Not one size fits all”.  Besides free Twitter traffic, the paid advertising option is available as well.  Not knowing the way Twitter Ads work, one could end up wasting much money.

A number of options for ads and ad campaigns available to decide as per your requirements and budget:

The success with Twitter marketing is all about strategy.  If you don’t have the know-how or expertise, better outsource your twitter marketing.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Advertisement Campaign

Best thing I like is the LinkedIn’s self-service advertising platform which enables you to set your own budget for ad campaigns and above all you have full control.  Two main bidding options are available on this platform:

  • Pay-Per-Click where you specify the maximum amount you decide to pay per click and also set your daily budget.
  • Pay-Per-1000 Impressions where the cost of each 1000 impressions without considering the clicks is charged.

A minimum budget for each option i.e. $ 10/- per day / per campaign and $ 2 minimum bid is required.  However, your daily budget is not necessarily spent each day.

LinkedIn, although, has a much smaller audience than other social media platforms, with its highly-targeted communications channel, returns a precise reach.  Knowing if LinkedIn is right for you requires you to know:

  • The job titles of your targeted audience
  • Where you targeted audience work
  • Interests of your targeted audience
  • Role of your targeted audience in their companies

LinkedIn is best for B2B marketing and like other marketing media platforms require some expertise.


In the jungle of social media platforms, it is getting difficult to choose the best platforms for your ad campaigns.  Each platform has its specific audience and the process of designing and running the campaigns has their own criteria.  Successfully executing the social media marketing requires careful selection of the platform and specialized skills to design and run the campaigns while staying within the budget. I believe the best option is to outsource the task to professional social media marketing agencies after careful selection.  What is your opinion in this area of business processes?

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