Utilize the Most Effective Social Media Metrics for Your Business
November 1, 2017
How to create an Army of Brand Advocates
How to create an Army of Brand Advocates
August 21, 2018


Today, marketers tilted their eyes towards Social Media considering it the best medium to effectively communicate and interact with their customers. The increased focus of brands on social media is constantly providing a meaning to the online professionalism.

These online applications, platforms, and media are facilitating interactions, collaborations and the sharing of content mainly by tweeting, blogging, networking, etc.

Social media marketing is surpassing traditional advertising in demonstrating ever increasing successes.

Social media marketing is not merely about hitting the top of the feeds or on the front-page of any social website.  It is a process to establish the brand authority, influence, and reputation among the prospective customers, readers or supporters.

As marketers are extremely busy breed among all the teams involved in business, have limited time for social media marketing.  Due to this time constraint, they need to focus on and put all their efforts on the booming social network relevant to their product or services.

Irrespective of the growth level of some selective social media networks, it is equally important to understand that not all networks are effective for every business.  Selection of social media networks for your marketing needs requires to first figure out the demographics, type of audience, the best time to reach to your target audience, relevancy of your brand personality, etc.

Social Media and Its Role in Marketing

The e-commerce industry is largely dependent on Social Media Marketing and appreciate its fallouts on the brand awareness and promotion.  It offers four distinct advantages:

  • A window to generate exposure to the products/services to their prospective customers while listening to their grievances and suggestions;
  • Opportunity to identify influencers, who in turn can become brand evangelist; and
  • It is nearly free of cost as compared to other ways of marketing
  • Most of the available tools for SMM can be customized for specific needs.

Social media marketing helps in:

  • Increasing traffic to the website;
  • Attracting new subscribers;
  • Listening to customers’ feedback
  • Identifying the demands of customers
  • Building new business partnerships and leads;
  • Improving search engine rankings;
  • Increasing sales of products and services;
  • finding where potential customers are hanging out;

What Social Media Marketing is not

  • It is not about selling it is more about interacting.
  • SMM is not a mass advertising strategy.
  • It is not a standalone tool for marketing.
  • SMM cannot give results overnight.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Because of low attention span due to the multitasking phenomena Social Media Marketing calls for carefully designed advertising methods. Advertisement on Social Media needs to be innovative and interesting to hold the imagination and attention of the prospects.
  • Call to action is an important aspect of the advertisement. The message you are trying to convey must also provoke the prospect to take action accordingly.  The message should have a link directing the reader to the appropriate page to take the action with least effort.
  • Social Media can also be used to improve customer loyalty and retention by providing best customer support services.
  • If Social Media Marketing is used intelligently, can also be used to ward off any negative publicity but overdoing it may aggravate the situation.
  • Before implementing the SMM strategy the market needs to be analyzed for the effectiveness of any specific brand.

The Relevance of Social Media in Marketing

The social media marketing is using it to display the products or services to those who are not aware of the availability of and provide easy access to the company.  Social Media helps businesses in establishing brand personality and develop relationships that they otherwise may never achieve.

Social media while giving marketers a voice served as another customer outreach medium resulting in positive impact on sales.  With the increased usage for business purposes, Social media has become a committed engagement channel spreading the message to the prospects in a conversational way.

Role of social media in marketing

Social media is now increasingly becoming an ingrained aspect of all areas of business including intra-company communication.  Social media plays an important role in marketing – here are a few roles of social media in marketing:

  • It can be used to provide an identity for the companies and the products or services that they offer.
  • It is an effective channel to create relationships with prospective customers who might not aware of the existence of the company or know about its products or service.
  • Besides giving the opportunity to share their personality, Social media channels help in attracting the people to follow the company resulting in increased sales and brand advocacy.
  • Social media can be used to provide a platform for the interaction that consumers look for.


These days you cannot ignore social media, either for individuals or for your business.  If you are engaged in an online business, it is impossible to separate social media from your overall marketing plan.  The social media conversation is extending its reach into all industries, homes, small and large organizations. Irrespective of the size of your business Social Media Marketing is a baseline requirement.

Today, every business needs to adopt social media religiously in their overall marketing plans.

Are you seriously implementing SMM in your business?

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